Ancestors from Scotland, we all have them, but who are they?

In my own case, you could have a family name of any of the following.
Watson; Comber; Nash; McGhee; McLean; Strang; Batchelor; Connell; Torrance; Stirling; Carrick; Russell; Martin; Scott; Burns; Taylor, on my Paternal roots

The Rev. Robert Torrance of Airdrie, my great, great, great Grandfather

The Reverend Robert Torrance was a very respected Minister in Airdrie, who Died in 1834. This is shown by the fact that a Street in Airdrie is named after him, and his family, 'Torrance Avenue'. Sadly, we have not been able to find out very much about him. The only other thing we know is that he was married on 25 January 1807 to a Helen Strang (born abt 1786).
We do know that he was the first Minister of Broomknoll Church in Airdrie. I attended this Church as a small boy, not knowing my family connection with it.

I quote from 'The Book of Airdrie' published 1954 "The Auld Lichts walked out of Wellynd Church and in 1800 built Broomknoll Church, an earthen floor building 'more like a barn than a Church'. They were resolute, determined men and women of intense fervour who first worshipped in Broomknoll Church in 1804.So deeply absorbed were they at their devotions in the gloaming of a winter's afternoon in those Burke-and-Hare days, that the resurrectionists removed a body from their burial ground, when the service was in progress, and carried it off in a pony and trap."

His Tombstone is still in Broomknoll Church Graveyard. They had several children, and a Grandson of his was David Watt Torrance, born 6 November 1862, at Graham Street, Airdrie. He became a Doctor and was known as "The Galilee Doctor" founding the Church of Scotland Mission at Tiberias, Palestine.

For further information on this, please visit :: http://freepages.history.rootsweb.com/~torrance/
this site is by David J Byrne, who I found on the net while doing a search, and turned out to be related through Rev. Robert Torrance !!

The Torrance Genealogy pages are:    http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~torrance/

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