Ancestors from Scotland, we all have them, but who are they?

In my own case, you could have a family name of any of the following.
Watson; Comber; Nash; McGhee; McLean; Strang; Batchelor ;Connell; Torrance; Stirling; Carrick ; Russell; Martin; Scott; Burns ; Taylor, all on my Paternal roots

Here is our family tree from my Paternal Grandmother click image to enlarge
done by my cousin Sandie Howison
John Carrick
William Carrick
Born abt 1773 Glasgow
Died 16 June 1861


Jane Stirling Carrick



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Martha Shaw
James Carrick
Born abt 1809 Glasgow
Married 21 April 1832
New Monkland, Lanarkshire
Died 19 May 1857 Stanrig
James Martin
Born abt 1739
Married 1764
Mary Martin
Born 22 May 1780 Boness
Died 12 Sept 1855

Alexander Carrick
Born abt 1850 Lanarkshire
Married 5 Dec 1873
Greengairs, New Monkland
Died 2 June 1912

Isabella Donald
Married 1764
William Russell
Janet Russell
Born abt 1812 Cumbernauld, Dumbartonshire
Died 13 August 1891 Avonhead
Born abt 1786
Grandma Watson
Jane Stirling Carrick
Born 1st July 1882
Avonhead, Stirling
Died 2 April 1965

James Stirling
Born abt 1800
Married 9 December 1825
Died 11 May 1884
John Stirling
Born 11 Feby 1829 Denny
Married 13 June 1851 Falkirk
Died 12 March Greengairs
Elizabeth Scott
Born abt 1804
Died 24 December 1858
Jane Stirling
Born abt 1852 Denny Stirling
Died 21 December 1899
Beacon House Longriggend
David Burns
Agnes Burns
Born abt 1852 Falkirk Stirling
Died 6 Feby 1913
Graham Street Airdrie
Janet Taylor