Ancestors from Scotland, we all have them, but who are they?

In my own case, you could have a family name of any of the following.
Watson; Comber; Nash; McGhee; McLean; Strang; Batchelor ;Connell; Torrance; Stirling; Carrick ; Russell; Martin; Scott; Burns ; Taylor, on my Paternal roots

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26th February 2008

I have been researching my family history for several years and was delighted to find your website and fit more pieces into the puzzle.

I am the great great granddaughter of Elizabeth Carrick c1803, who was the eldest daughter of William Carrick, a woodsman, and Mary Martin and the sister of the James Carrick c1809 in your direct line.

Elizabeth was born in Stirling and died there in 1870. She married John Nugent, from Ireland, and they had five children including my great grandfather Thomas Nugent who was born in Fintry, Stirling c1839 and died in Clackmannanshire in 1917.

Thomas married twice and had a total of eleven children, amongst them Mary Ann, my grandmother.

I am now in touch with Carrick family descendants in England, Scotland, Canada and the USA who all share the same interest in exploring their roots.


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