Ancestors from Scotland, we all have them, but who are they?

In my own case, you could have a family name of any of the following.
Watson; Comber; Nash; McGhee; McLean; Strang; Batchelor ;Connell; Torrance; Stirling; Carrick ; Russell; Martin; Scott; Burns ; Taylor, on my Paternal roots

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Christine Woodcock - Canada

Just found your website. I too have Carricks from Lanarkshire - Hamilton, Roughrigg. All were miners.

My history starts with James Carrick 1757. He had 5 children. I come down through his oldest son Andrew (1783) who had 8 children; then through William (1817). He and his son, Andrew were killed in a mining accident. William's daughter, Jane was my gr gr grandmother.

Jane and her family lived in Roughrigg / Longriggend.

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