Ancestors from Scotland, we all have them, but who are they?

In my own case, you could have a family name of any of the following.
Watson; Comber; Nash; McGhee; McLean; Strang; Batchelor ;Connell; Torrance; Stirling; Carrick ; Russell; Martin; Scott; Burns ; Taylor, on my Paternal roots

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Patricia Reid - Edinburgh

I was interested to come across your web page whilst searching for any information I could get on the Carrick surname.   Carrick features prominently in my immediate family as a middle name to my mother, my uncle, my brother, my sister and also to 2 cousins on my mother's side.   I have recently been researching my family tree and have found lots of relatives including the Carrick connection.

My name is Patricia Reid formerly Taylor born in 1946 in Poltonhall, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, Scotland.   My mother's name was Jane Carrick Penman born in Lasswade, Midlothian in 1910.   My grandfather was Thomas Carrick Penman born in New Monkland, Lanark now Airdrie in 1869.  Thomas' mother was Jane Carrick born on 16 October 1835 in New Monkland and later married David Penman.     Jane Carrick's mother and father were James Carrick and Janet Russell who were married in New Monkland c 1 August 1832.    I think we might be distantly related!

Jane (born in 1835) had, as far as I could trace, brothers Peter born 1834, James born 1837, William born 1840, John born 1843, Nathaniel born 1845 and Thomas born 1847.   There was one other sister listed Marrion born 1841.   Your relative Alexander was born in 1850 but he's not on my list which I've attached for info.

I managed to get some further information on Nathaniel and Thomas Carrick.

Nathaniel Carrick married Agnes Lewis on 27 April 1871 in the Parish of Whitburn in the County of Linlithgow.   On 29 April 1872 they had twin daughters Christina Gibb (the elder by 10 minutes) and Jessie Russell Carrick.  (Jessie sadly died aged only 22 from TB)   I found the twins issue very interesting as my own sister and brother, Sheila Margaret Taylor and Thomas Carrick Penman Taylor are twins (Sheila being the elder by one hour).   My sister Sheila in turn has her own twins both girls Gillian and Eleanor born in the 1970s.   We always wondered where the twin genes had come from and now we know - from the Carrick side of the family!

Thomas Carrick married Agnes Pennicuick in Airdrie, Lanark on 31 December 1869.   I discovered one son named George Pennicuick Carrick born 17 April 1873 in Airdrie.   There are possibly other family bearing the Carrick name through both Nathaniel and Thomas and the others.  The later records are more difficult to sift than the earlier ones.     There were 4 pages of Carricks born in Airdrie or New Monkland alone between 1855 and 1906 - 76 records in total - and I only spotted George because of the Pennicuick in his name.    There are probably more relatives listed there!

I can't find the 1851 Census return you speak of on your web page with Alexander at 2 months.   I'd be interested in seeing a copy of that.    I'd be happy to let you have copies of any of the certificates I've managed to get.

I'm a recently retired Civil Servant from The Scottish Executive and I've been happily filling in my time, between childminding grandchildren and visiting family, with the family tree search.  It's been great to find someone on the World Wide Web with the same name and connections in the background.    I've been passing on all the information to my brothers and sisters and their families and now I've something else to tell them and show them.   It's great to see the photos of Alexander and his wife and family.   I don't think we've any old family photos at all.



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